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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lesson 7a: Auto Repair Reference Center

Auto Repair Reference Center offers four different sections

1. Find Your Vehicle
2. AutoIQ
3. Care & Repair Tips
4. Troubleshooting Tips

Watch this video overview

Find Your Vehicle Vehicle specific information covering repair procedures, bulletins, diagrams, maintenance intervals and labor repair times. In this area users can print, email or download text and diagrams. EBSCO offers a self-paced tutorial explaining the features and content. Orange County Library System has put together this 2 page User's Guide.

AutoIQ Users can watch videos that explain the various mechanical systems that keep a car or truck running smoothing. A wide range of topics are covered from spark plugs to brake lights and just about everything else under the hood. The information provided is ideal for new drivers or first time vehicle owners. Most of the videos are under 2 minutes long. An overview of content and features is available.

Care & Repair Tips This section covers general auto repair and maintenance (changing a tire, trailer towing and ways to save fuel). There over 30 topics, each containing 4 or 5 subtopics. There is even a section on buying and owning a vehicle. This section uses text and photographs to present the information.

Troubleshooting tips This area is designed to help the user diagnose and resolve common car problems. The user describes the problem and the Auto Repair Center supplies a numbered list of possible causes.

Discovery Exercise: Create a blog posting discussing the following questions and other observations you have about Auto Repair Reference Center.

1. Using the Find Your Vehicle section of the Auto Repair Reference Center, search for information on a famous TV or movie car of your choice. Use this list (The 50 Most Famous Cars Of All Time ) to select a car or pick one on your own. Please describe any information returned for that make and model.

2. Search for the vehicle you drive now or a friends, did you find any Technical Service Bulletins and Recall information on your vehicle? Now go to the Maintenance Intervals section, enter you current mileage (do not use a comma when entering mileage) and see if any service is needed. Share what you found out about your car or truck in your blog post.

Additional Tutorials and User Guides:52 minute recorded webinar present by EBSCO


  1. Probably my least fruitful assignment...maybe if I had something to take apart...

    = ]



  2. I appreciate that this resource is there, i found out that my car's had several recalls throughout its life, although I have had no problems with it! see my blog for more information!

  3. This is an invaluable resource, not only for the person who can fix their own vehicle, but for a person wanting to purchase a used car. See my blogpost for more info

  4. For the car enthusiast, or someone who really has a question about his or her particular vehicle, I can see that this is a useful database.